A new generation Vimek harvester equipped with new powerful Common Rail engine at 68 Hp Stage 3B/4 Final and a modern hydrostatic transmission from Bosch Rexroth. The steering front axle offers alternative width of the machine (1,80 m or 2,15 m). Improved environment for the operator thanks to rubber mounted cabin, new and modern display and mini joysticks as options contribute to a comfortable cabin.

Low fuel consumption and low investment costs for good total economy. Extremely easy to manoeuvre, thanks to the unique dual steering function. Vimek 404 SEcan also be equipped with different crane tip attachments – for example Vimek clam shell bucket for ditch clearing or our felling head for brush clearing under electric power lines.

Vimek 404 SE is serial Product 

Teknisk specifikation

  • Engine

    CAT C2.2T CRDI 50 kW
    - There is a system for engine monitoring and diagnostics on the dashboard.
    - Caterpiller engine CAT C2.2T, 44 kW/2 700 rpm, watercooled diesel with engine undertray protection. Engine can be equipped with an electronic control of the fuel injection system and comply with environmental regulations STAGE 3A.
  • Transmission

    Hydrostatic / mechanical
  • Axle width

    2.10 m
  • Tyres front

    405/70-24 alt 500/60-22,5
  • Vikt traktor

    4 400 kg
  • Ground clearness

    40 cm
  • Witdth

    1,80 m or 2,05 m
  • Turning angle

  • Harvesting head: Keto Forst Silver

    Keto Forst Silver Supreme
  • Computer

    Motomit IT
    - Electronic systems Motomit IT can be in English, Swedish, Russian and other languages. Measuring system allows to do measurement and control of the harvester. If needed machine can be equipped with solution for reporting the data on volumes of harvested wood and operating time of the machine and to send this information to the owner of the machine. Measuring system allows to do copies on USB stick that can be viewed in a viewer installed on computer with OS Windows.
  • Crane

    • Mowi 2046
    • – Max reach, 4,60 m
  • Additional equipment

    • Standard
    • Air condition
    • Half LED lights including roof frame
    • Radio with Bluetooth
    • Options
    • Pneumatic chair
    • Sprinkler system
    • Refueling pump for hydraulic oil
    • Refueling pump for diesel
    • Diesel engine heating system
    • Callstart for diesel engine
    • Crane damping system
    • Sun blinds
    • Full LED lights including roof frame
    • Stump treatment system
    • PC with rear camera
    • Rear camera
    • Extra accessories
    • Vimek clam shell bucket
    • Wheel chains 500/60-22,5 or 405/70-24
    • Vimek clearing head
    • Dolly trailer
    • Caliper
    • Chain saw holder
    • Clearing head Vimek C12